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Random Number generators provided on this site produce True Random Numbers. We use a very complex secret algorithm to fetch randomness from a universe formed by amalgamation of multiple randomized universes. These multiple sources of randomness ensure that the numbers are as random as they can be and not affected by a single source. It's analogous to shuffling and throwing a bucket of marbles of different shapes and sizes into all directions and then recording their final positions.

About True Randomness

True Random Numbers are, well, just random numbers. The reason they are labelled "True" is to contrast them from random numbers that might look random but are not "random" for various reasons. However, be careful, true randomness does not relate to luck. Read below for further information on luck and randomness.

Here are some examples of numbers that some people don't consider to be random:

Computer generated random numbers: These are called pseudo-random numbers. The rationale behind it is that these numbers could have been generated in a predictable way. However, modern computer algorithms are capable of reducing that predictability to a small number.

Numbers provided by humans: some people argue that humans are unable to generate random numbers as at any particular moment they could have a bias towards some numbers that they would repeat again and again. Or, humans might draw some patterns repeatedely and avoid drawing straight lines or simple patterns.

Any number in this universe: some people believe that the universe is deterministic. That, any event that occurs in this universe is a direct result of the past events. So any numbers you dream of, any numbers you come across anywhere in this universe are all already predetermined. Esentially, there is no randomness anywhere whatsoever.

True Randomness and Lottery numbers

True randomness does not relate to luck when it comes to lottery numbers. Your lucky numbers that would make you hit the jackpot might not pass any kind of statistical randomness tests. For this reason, it's wrong to believe that true random numbers will be better for playing lotteries than any other numbers. If you would like to add a factor of luck into these numbers, try Lucky Lottery Numbers, or use your magical touch to pick lucky numbers yourself using Lucky Number Picker. If you believe in Horoscope and Zodiac signs, try Lucky Numbers tuned to your horoscope.

When is True Randomness useful?

True randomness is most useful when researchers need certain numbers to test their sceintific models and they are skeptical of using numbers that might have been generated in a predictable manner. They want to use numbers that will not add any bias into their models. However, new software applications and computer languages use robust random number generators that minimize the risk of this predictability. Also, using multiple sets of numbers generated using various machines and shuffling these numbers up can also help minimize the risk.

Why any True Randomness is not "Real"?

We argue that "True Randomness" is "Truly Unattainable" as randomness is not discrete. When you take continuous randomness and translate it into discrete or finite set of numbers, it introduces bias. For example: when you need random integers within a range for your testing, you would need to translate any randomness to its integer value. Since, any given range has only a finite set of integers, randomness of any set of true random numbers is limited to the size of the range. Also consider comparing two sets of pseudo-random and true-random numbers, many of the sets from true-random numbers will be the same as the sets of pseudo-random numbers. As the numbers of sets increase, so does the likeliness of them being the same. If you end up generating all sets, they will be identical except the order in which they are generated. With this in mind, recognize that simply re-shuffling a set of pseudo-random numbers can turn them into true-random numbers.


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